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Attention: The World’s Best (and only) Information Marketing Gurus want to ….

Discover How Wealth Alliance Has Unlocked

The Hidden Fortunes In Your Own

Life Experiences!

What does a $1.50 get you these days?

It (barely) gets me a cup of coffee.

Ask yourself, what if you were able to get access to a comprehensive toolbox of the most current, cutting-edge, and profitable information marketing advice for less than $1.50 a day?

What if you could take all of your own life experience and knowledge and use it to keep other from making the same mistakes?  Or to help others to save time and/or make more money with what you have learned?
Wouldn’t you at least take a look?
This is what “WAG” is all about.  What is “WAG” you ask?  Well, “WAG” stands for Wealth Alliance Group the name of our company.  We teach people how to take the best of what they have learned from their own life experiences and formulate and systematize ways to share that information with others.  We teach many methods including books, audio CD’s, DVD’s, Webinars, Membership Sites and many, many more.
We have a simple invitation for you – BUT you should know that…

From this point forward, your life will never be the same..but your impact on others will be amazing!

Your next decisions will have a profound impact on your life and the life of many others that you will soon come to know. So my next question will be very precise because your answer will be critical.
Do you hunger to help other people to have a better life by sharing your experience and knowledge with them ?  How would you feel if you could do this AND make money through the process?
If you don’t feel the need to help others and make money, then stop reading now.
If you are continuing to read this, then you may have what it takes to qualify for the most rigorous, thorough, demanding, and life altering “information marketing” training, ever to exist.
You won’t get this instruction at Harvard, Stanford, or Yale.
You can’t learn what we have to teach you in ebooks, free teleseminars, or other preschool nonsense on the web today.
If we were forced to compare this training to something you would understand it would be … The Top Gun School at Miramar, California.
Only the top 1% of Naval Aviators can train or teach there.
The Top Gun School takes men who land jets traveling at 300mph on a 200ft patch of steel traveling at 30mph in the middle of the night
And takes their skills to a radically new level….
That’s Top Gun.
Wealth Alliance Group (WAG) Members – the top gun school for Information marketers does the seemingly impossible for everyday entrepreneurs who want to help others.
*We take your knowledge and life experience and mold them into razor-sharp marketing expertise that automatically dominates any niche you choose.
We don’t know you. We don’t know what you’re capable of. We do know what we have to offer. We know what you want is what we want and that is to teach others what we know and practice every day so that they can mimic us and be as successful as we have been.
The truth of the matter is, we firmly believe you have what it takes to join us.
We know that you can take the marketing strategy, tactics, methods, and instruction we will give you and use it to build an elite information marketing organization to help all of the people you want.
What we don’t know is if the fear, uncertainty, or doubt will prevent you from even giving this opportunity a try.
But let’s hold off on that for now. Let us tell you about -

Perhaps the Most Powerful, Exclusive and Intense

Information Marketing Training Society on the Web

It’s called WA Members.
The fact that you are reading this letter shows that you may have what it takes.
WA Members is constant, current, comprehensive and the biggest collection of materials and trainings on Information Marketing ever to be found in one place!
Every day, we turn ordinary people into extraordinary people like:
  • No B.S. business warriors who can go from “idea” to “markt” before most people finish drinking their morning coffee
  • Strategic Masterminds that can evaluate a niche, find an entry point, and dominate it – crushing the competition with speed and efficiency.
  • Tactical Prodigies who are experts at all facets of elite marketing techniques, including social media, mind mapping, neuro-linguistic programming, copywriting, sales funnels, and more.
We hold you accountable. Either you will do this or you won’t make it.
Like I said, we know you have the stuff – It’s up to you to confirm it.
But first let me let you in on a secret that you won’t hear anywhere else.

How Gurus Become Gurus…

Have you ever wondered where the current gang of Marketing Guru’s learned their skills? We have, and we went searching for more answers. We studied their biographies, listened closely to their personal stories. We are great friends with many of the top Internet Marketers in the world, who gave incredible answers to our questions.
You know what we learned?
Here it is…
The Gurus became Gurus because they knew where to get expert coaching and training.
It seems obvious but many people miss this.
The top marketers spent an unbelievable amount of time finding the experts in their niche and learning every single strategy and tactic they could. People like Frank Kern, John Reese, and Mike Filsaime got their start by being relentless students.
Armand Morin watched (and mentored) many of these future titans and he confirmed my findings.
The Best Marketing Operators started as First-Class Students.
Now you know why 90% of online marketers have trouble earning more than a few hundred dollars online….
They are learning all the wrong things, from the wrong people, at the worst possible time.
Don’t worry – if you suspect that you are in this camp then read on.


Get These Things Right And You Can Master Any Business No Matter How Competitive…

For a moment, we’re going to put you inside the head of our top students and instructors. We’re going to give you the opportunity to see the world through their eyes.
This may startle you a bit. Don’t worry. This happens when your brain is forced to look at the world differently…
Here is what WA Members’ Top Guns feel, think, and KNOW…
Goal Clarity So Sharp it Cuts…
Your goals are so clear that you can feel them. They are so real that you align every action toward achieving them. Others are shocked by the intense focus that radiates from your inner being. Men and women instinctively follow you because you are the natural leader. And you effortlessly attack the most difficult challenges and best them.
You expertly integrate new tactics into your marketing system. You have instant access to the exact information you need to make the best use of a new technique. Your learning curve is measured in hours rather than days.
We call this phenomena “Hyper Learning” and it emerges when a WA Member student has the latest marketing instructions at their fingertips.
Collective Mastery
You never feel alone. You are connected to the most talented minds who have mastered diverse market niches. You can draw on their collective experience at any moment. You have instant access to the world’s only and largest information marketing mastermind. This collective mastery is a priceless game-changer for those fortunate enough to be invited to join.
State of the Art Tools
While others are handicapped by broken tools, incomplete theory, and “sketchy” strategy, you have exclusive access to tailor-made marketing weaponry. Every aspect of your business is streamlined, measured, and optimized for profit. If you have a need, you know exactly where to look to get the right tool specifically designed for the challenge.
What Could You Achieve…
If you had just 20% of these tools, resources, and people at your disposal?
How would tomorrow be different?
How has your dream changed?
Would you finally be building your legacy and helping people to better their lives?
We hope you realize that nothing is impossible for you. Marketing is easy and feels like magic if you know its secrets.
See how you can get the WA Members Mindset for yourself…

WA MEMBERS Gets Results Every Single Time

WA Members is not for the faint hearted, but we absorb the fear factor on your behalf.
HOW???  You ask?
Well, here are a few facts about the faculty of Wealth Alliance Group
  • We spent weeks and hundreds of thousands of dollars preparing a step-by-step system that just about anyone can use to succeed from day one.
  • We’ve logged hundreds of hours taping demonstration videos, teleseminars, and audio walkthroughs that will dramatically accelerate your marketing learning curve.
  • We scoured the Web to find bona-fide experts that are gifted teachers and spooky good at their marketing niche.
  • We bribed, cajoled, and sweet-talked these guys to spill their guts and reveal every single trick they’ve got.
  • We stay current with trends and practices and deliver them to you every month in webinars and video trainings.
  • What resulted was a program that is an Internet first.
  • We invest in the latest products and services and give you our recommendations on what you need for your business and what is a complete waste of money.
It’s designed to give you what we call “Marketing Muscle Memory” which means you’ll automatically make the best marketing decision in every situation.

Meet the WA Members Faculty:

Debra Thompson Roedl - WA Members Faculty

Debra Thompson Roedl

Debra Thompson Roedl

When multi-millionaires want someone to organize their Information business and bring all the pieces together into a cohesive plan so they can hit their BULLSEYE and make A LOT MORE MONEY… Debra Thompson Roedl is The One they go to!

With 20 years of experience, Debra is recognized internationally in the “Information Marketer’s” industry as one of the top marketing strategist for high-profile Information Marketers.  She has been behind the scenes for such millionaires as John Childers, Armand Morin, Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup For The Soul), Matt Bacak, John Dessauer, Vickie Sullivan, Ted Thomas and as CEO for John Childers’, Wealth Academy, and she has worked with Libby Gill (Expert and Marketing Strategist that Launched Dr. Phil).

Debra walks her talk!  Over the past several years Debra has built several million dollar businesses not only for her companies, but for others:

She created John Dessauer’s Information Business The Dessauer Group with his signature product “Making Millions in Multi-Units” from the ground up, which generated over $600,000 in the first 5 months of operation and now today is a multi-million dollar information business. Working with John Childers, as the former CEO for John Childer’s Wealth Academy she took John’s business to the next million dollar level building up his Million Dollar Speaker Training, putting branding, products, websites, services and systems into place for his international multi-million dollar organization and trainings. Serving as a Special Consultant to Mark Victor Hansen, Debra created a high-end membership program and products for Mark to sell to his list.  The program was then launched by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen and within 2 hours of launching it generated over $400,000!

Today, Debra continues to build her own Information Marketing Enterprise… Wealth Alliance Group along with her partners, her husband Randy Roedl and her brother Robin Thompson. Together they have created Accelerator Systems a specific product line of “How To Products” sold world-wide to Information Marketers wanting to turn their ideas into wealth!   

In addition to her own company, Debra is building other million-dollar information business enterprises with her partner Armand Morin (world-renowned Internet Marketing Expert) which includes their companies FreedomFactor and SMART Seminar Marketing, which Robin is also a partner.  Debra is also a speaker strategist for Matt Bacak and Armand Morin. 

She continues to offer her consulting services to business entrepreneurs world-wide and has become a top secret marketing weapon that they have added to their business arsenal to “sky rocket” their business.

Randy Roedl - WA Members Faculty

Randy Roedl

 Randy Roedl

Ranking #1 in sales in the United States for his former company, Randy has set the bar when it comes to performance and expertise in marketing and sales.  Now as a partner with Wealth Alliance, he continues to raise the bar in marketing and sales for both Information and Internet Marketers.  

Although operating under the radar, Randy is a known expert in Internet Marketing “Insider Circle” specializing in WordPress Blogs for specific marketing tactics. His advanced techniques and skills are sought after by many of the top Internet Marketers to take them to the next level in their business. He has created cutting-edge strategies that are causing a paradigm shift in the industry and changing the way Internet Marketers are advancing their businesses using WordPress Blog for not only the product websites but for any site and in particular traffic generation sites that can bring in the big bucks in residual income. 

When it comes to Internet Marketing you have to stay on top of the latest versions of programs, tools, etc.  Randy not only stays on top of these items, testing daily, but he is now creating his own product line and tools for Internet Marketers.  His unique understanding of the customer, combined with his marketing and sales experience and expertise in Internet Marketing gives him the leading edge in the industry.  He is the one the other gurus go to when they need their questions answered.

Robin Thompson - WA Members Faculty

Robin Thompson

 Robin Thompson

Known throughout the industry for his technical experience in computer programming, website design, graphics design and branding, as well as product creation, Robin is highly sought after by the Big Dogs. 

Robin brings over 28 years of experience in computers to the table. His background has included working with John Childers, Mark Victor Hansen, John Dessauer, Ken Blanchard, Matt Williams (formerly with the Arizona Diamondbacks), Jim Edwards, Troy Fullwood and many others.  He has provided website programming/design, graphic design and technical assistance. He has also created audio and video products, complete withmastered originals, package and graphic design, complementary product website, squeeze page, order page and thank you pages, among other Internet Marketing strategies.

In addition to running Wealth Alliance and assisting our students, Robin also manages and provides behind the scenes technical assistance for Armand Morin, responding to customer questions from more than 120 Countries around the world

Here is a glimpse of where our most of our WA Members come from:
WA Members from around the world


Be a Top Gun in Your Field

Like Maverick, in Top Gun, your instincts will be on the razors edge, your reaction time will be wicked fast, and your competition won’t see you coming.
Most business take years to get their head wrapped around this stuff. They spend tens of thousands of dollars and sacrifice years of their life to become “good” at marketing. This program will take you to “EXPERT” status in a few short weeks.
In the end, you will be so good that you may get an invitation to be a WA Members Instructor.
A lot of our members have gone on to speak on platforms aacross the world teaching who they want and what they want to help all of the people they choose to.
 And here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll learn inside WA Members:
  • How to use free blogging tools like WordPress to immediately set-up search engine friendly sites and begin selling your information product without the hassle of learning web design
  • Affiliate Marketing – how to recruit, eager, talented, and motivated power sellers to drive quality traffic to your website – without spending a dime of your own money
  • List Building – Discover the secret to rapidbly building gargantuan lists of highly targeted readers – ready and willing to buy your products
  • Product Creation – Simple techniques for creating money-making products that will jumpstart and boost your business growth
  • Salesletter Formula & WordPress – The hidden formula behind every successful salesletter – and how to use WordPress to create an army of these profitable machines
  • Email Marketing – How to write hypnotically compelling emails that get opened, clicked and passed around (you’ll be surprised by how easy it really is…)
  • Social Media – Learn the secret behind attracting hordes of committed fans and followers to your social media outposts (blog, facebook, twitter and more)
  • Marketing Funnel – The success blueprint that forms the foundation of all insanely successful marketing plans – I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it
  • Strategic Planning – How to anticipate marketing opportunities and outthink, outwit, and outplay your competitors
  • Branding, Graphics, Logos & Product Packaging – Simple tools and ideas for professionally branding and presenting your information products to potential customers – we’ll show you the little changes that count!
  • Seminars & Speaking – Quadruple your earning potential by using these clever techniques for conquering your fear of public speaking and present effectively “from the front”
  • Joint Ventures – Get the real insider tips to arranging joint venture partnerships with top-tier JV partners. We’ll show you how to approach, pitch, and close the deal
  • Consulting & Coaching – Add a entirely new (lucrative) addition to your services with consulting and coaching. We’ll steer you around the most common mistakes and give you few proven short-cuts too!
  • Product Launches –How to plan and pull-off a mega-launch even if you are just starting. We’ll show you the entire process and give you the tools and information to execute it to perfection
  • Computer Equipment, Security – We’ll show you how to equip your office with the right technology at the right price.
  • Recording Audio, Webinars and Teleseminars – How to record, edit, and upload high quality audio and video Webinars, Audio Recordings, and teleseminars. Your customers will swear that you have a expensive videographer on staff!
  • 1,600 Royalty Fee Photos, Graphic headers, website icons and templates custom designed for many popular categories. Now your website can have that polished look that inspires confidence and boosts sales
  • My “Secret Formula To Creating A Custom Ebook In 5-Days And For Only $50″ – Learn how to get your ebook researched and professionally written for just $50.00 Plus
  • My 6 figure ebook template that I use regularly to quickly write and publish my own books – and I’ll give you my Book – “Creating Your 6-Figure Coaching Business” as an example for FREE!
  • Need content to bulk up your information product, blogs, free reports, or autoresponder sequences?  No problem, we’ll give you access to 100 Private Label Right Articles per month!

  • Private access to the Wealth Alliance Member’s website with:-   Hi-Fi Video recordings of each weekly call

    –   Review of the weekly Cool Tools & Quick Tips

    –   Learning Center of How To Camtasia Videos

    –   Resources, Tools and Ready To Use Templates – to add to your marketing weapons arsenal

  •  And more is added every single month!
As you can see, you will have every tool at your disposal. You simply can’t lose. You will never have to worry about where to get the advice and information you need.
We could stop here but we have even more for you -

You’ll Also Get $189 Worth of Proven Step-by-Step Marketing Blueprints for Key Marketing Tasks in your Business….For FREE!

As a one-time bonus, I will give you private access to my “7 Information Marketing Top Gun Blueprints”. 
These blueprints were created to give you a quick cheat sheet for understanding the secrets to getting stellar performance for each element of your marketing plan.
You will get the process and the details mapped out in an easy to follow simple formula that spells everything out. Our Top Gun Blueprints will cut hours of your time and turn your information marketing business into a money-making juggernaut virtually overnight.

Each month you will get:

  1. Information Marketing Million Dollar Business Blueprint   Step by step blueprint of setting up your information marketing business, mapping out your revenue generating income streams in a complete strategic plan. (value: $27)
  2. Online Million Dollar Business Blueprint – step by step blueprint of setting up your business online from your marketing campaigns and sites to your money sites. (value: $27)
  3. Affiliate Marketing Blueprint - step by step blueprint detailing the before during and after of your affiliate marketing business and mapping each product so you know what to do first, second, etc. (value: $27)
  4. Salesletter Formula Blueprint - the exact formula for the online sales process that builds a list, builds a relationship and builds a business through the conversion of more sales. (value: $27)
  5. The Million Dollar Inner Circle Blueprint – the formula to build your business and create a strategic inner circle of outsource partners to take your business to the next level. (value: $27)
  6. Product Creation Blueprint – step by step details of creating a product from start to finish and going right into the sales process. (value: $27)
  7. Product Launch Blueprint - creating that million dollar product launch opportunity with a step by step blueprint detailing the formula for success and the timeline. (value: $27)

Money Back GuarantyOf Course, Your investment in Wealth Alliance MEMBERS is Protected with Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We am confident that you will instantly see the value of WA Members to your business. I know that this program can instantly change your marketing mindset and propel you to personal and business greatness.
We know that with this knowledge, training and venue you will have all of the ability you need to pursue helping others.
We are so convinced that I am going to give you full access to the complete program. You can review all of the materials, videos, audios, blueprints, and more without obligation. If you are thrilled with what you find then do nothing and your membership will continue. However, if you choose to terminate your membership, then send us a quick email and we will immediately cancel your membership.
We are accepting all of the risk so that you don’t have to worry about your investment. You can review the entire program knowing that your investment is never in jeopardy.

Could this get any better?

If we could make it any easier or risk free for you, we would.

How to Join WA Members Today and let WAG pull the hidden riches from your own life experiences.

Today, we are offering you an all-access membership to Supersonic for just $37.00 (less than the price of cup of coffee every day).

You can experience the membership with a

15 day trial for only $4.97!

That means you get:
  1. Access to the SuperSonic Membership Area filled with professional audio, teleseminars, webinars, exclusive marketing tools and an expanding library of cutting-edge marketing instruction

  2. The 7 Top Gun Marketing Blueprints

  3. Members Only Guide – Creating Your 6 Figure Coaching and Consulting Business

  4. 100 Private Label Articles to use any way you choose every month

  5. Over 1,600 professionally designed graphics, templates, icons, and photography

  6. Complete training guides for dozens of specialized topics from blogging and social media, to email marketing and product creation
Plus much more for about $1.50 a day.
At this rate, if you sell just one $37 ebook a month with what you’ve learned then your membership is FREE.
At this low fee – it’s easy to see how you can easily make back your investment and more. In fact, at $37 – price is not an issue.
Are you ready to be extraordinary?
Your teachers are ready – will the student appear?


BiWeekly Marketing and Strategy Trainings


BEST VALUE! For the monthly Investment into your future and continuous education… the VALUE Wealth Alliance provides in WEEKLY trainings for Only $37 per month – is Unparalleled In The Industry!  You won’t find this type of LIVE… REAL TIME Weekly access for this investment and you can’t beat that!


LIVE MEMBER TRAININGS are every other Tuesday at 6:00 PM (Arizona – currently same as PST) to bring you the latest and cuttting-edge strategies on what is and isn’t working in TODAY’s market for our business


EACH CALL IS RECORDED:  These calls are taught LIVE… however many of our Members are located around the world or not able to be on the LIVE calls.  Don’t let this stop YOU (and they certainly don’t).  We record EVERY call and post it to the site so you GET THIS REAL TIME INFORMATION INSTANTLY!

Calls are posted within 24-48 hours to the Private Members site for your review and replay.


CUTTING EDGE MARKETING  AND BUSINESS STRATEGIES, BLUEPRINTS, PROCESSES taught every other week.  We created WA Members to keep training YOU so we can help you grow your business. 


COOL TOOLS & QUICK TIPS… Every other week we highlight and teach a cool tool that can help you in your business and share a quick tip to accelerate your processes and make you more efficient



LIVE ACCESS TO DEBRA, ROBIN & RANDY…  We’re here to help you and we’re here every other week to answer your questions, troubleshoot, brainstorm, mastermind and SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS!  

Private Members Site

You will get access to the replays of the trainings, tools, templates, forum, etc. Your Super Sonic membership will include:


These are special Camtasia video tutorials just to help you with your business (Aweber training, Affiliate Link Cloaker, Uniqe Article Wizard… etc.


You get Marketing Tools & Templates to help you in your business… (Blueprints, Color Charts, Lead Capture Template, eBook Template, List of Free Blogging Sites, Free Stock Photos, Graphics, etc.)


 Start WA Members NOW with our

$4.97 For The First 15 Days

Trial With Full Access

Then ONLY $37.00 Per Month

That’s just over $1 Day for more than 4 to 6 hours of New Comprehensive LIVE Training Each Month,

PLUS all the Resources and FREE articles and products to help you…

We Over Deliver and We Guarantee Your Satisfaction or you can cancel at any time.


To Start Your

Super Sonic Membership TODAY

If you are not completely satisfied with this membership, You have 60 days to Return.

This is your shot. Take it.

Debra Roedl, Randy Roedl and Robin Thompson

Wealth Alliance

P.S. We are only accepting 100 members for the WA Members Membership so you need to move fast. Even now the roster is filling up. Normally WA Members would be priced at $97/month – but with the $37 price people are locking in their discounts. Don’t miss your spot! –
P.P.S. NEW! We’ve just finished another Tool Kit that we will give you for free when you join WA Members Today – Here’s what we have for you –
  • WAGIT Editor Plugin for WordPress ($47 Value). A New Editor to help customize your Post and Pages.
  • WA Ultimate SEO Plugin for WordPress ($47 Value). Easily add your META title, tagline and keywords to your WordPress site for Search Engine Optimization.
  • Aweber Training Videos ($197 Value). Complete basic training on Aweber program – 12 easy to follow how to video tutorials.
  • CorelDraw Graphics Suite – Basic Instruction Videos  ($97 Value). How to videos to get started in graphic design for your products, websites, powerpoints, etc. Now you don’t have to hire a high-priced graphic designer because you’ll be able to design these custom graphics yourself.
It can’t get any better than this. As you can see, we are famous for over delivery. Our students named Debra with the call sign of OTQ (the Over Delivery Queen).

You see, we share a common goal,

…to help others.

Sign up now and we’ll see you on the other side.


If you have questions or problems, Please contact WA Member Support


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